How to uninstall Swarmpit – the Docker Swarm orchestration tool

Recently, I’ve been looking for a good Docker container orchestration and host machine management tool and I’ve come across Swarmpit.

It’s a wonderful tool and I recomment it to anyone who is looking for a web based interface to make it easier to launch, scale and destroy Docker Swarm stacks on host machines, without having SSH access to the machine itself (e.g. while traveling).

However, what’s missing online is information about how to uninstall Swarmpit, once you no longer need it. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. SSH into the machine where Swarmpit is running
  2. “docker stack ls” and find the stack that represents Swarmpit. It’s usually called simply “swarmpit“. Take note of this name.
  3. Destroy the Swarmpit stack using “docker stack rm swarmpit“. Replace “swarmpit” with the name of the stack from the previous step.

While you are here, if you are struggling with integrating Docker or Docker Swarm within your project, feel free to write me – I may be able to help (for a fee).