About me

My name is Dzhuneyt.

I am a Fullstack Software Engineer with Management experience (SCRUM master).

My goal is to create successful tools that people need, use on a daily basis, and like to use on a daily basis. In other words, I want to make somebody’s life easier.

Throughout my career, I’ve gained useful domain knowledge in a couple of industries, touched a lot of technologies, and learned a few programming languages.

My strongest side is creating software for the eLearning and HR industries.

In terms of technology – I enjoy creating microservice-based apps that live in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure) and scale well to millions of users.

My favorite programming languages are TypeScript/JavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL.

Other concepts I enjoy and am familiar with:

  • Frontend frameworks (for creating Single Page Applications) – Angular, React, VueJS
  • Backend frameworks: Laravel, Yii framework, Express
  • Database Engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB (NoSQL), ElasticSearch, Redis
  • Containerization: Docker, Docker Compose, AWS ECS, Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure as Code: AWS CDK and Terraform
  • Serverless: AWS Lambda
  • Others: AWS AppSync (GraphQL), Redux (ngrx), Observables (rxjs)
  • CI/CD: AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis
  • Task management, Organization, Collaboration: Jira, Trello, Slack
  • Software development methodologies: SCRUM and Kanban

If you are interested in collaborating with me on something interesting, drop me a line or keep exploring below.

Portfolio Highlights

Okay.Money (web app)

Keep track of your income and spending

5 Minute Chill (web app)

Listen to relaxing sounds for relaxation during stressful times or as a background while working.

Audiobooke (web app)

Open library for lovers of audiobooks. A huge variety of over 10,000 audiobooks, free for downloading.