About me

My name is Dzhuneyt and I’ve been creating web apps since early 2010s.

I enjoy creating tools that solve everyday problems.

My main expertise is around AWS and cloud-based apps, as well as container-based ones (Docker, Docker-Compose, AWS ECS). My latest includes using AWS CDK as the “Infrastructure as Code” tool to provision the CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure of a B2B app in the eLearning industry, as well as AWS Lambda, AppSync, DynamoDB and ElasticSearch to build a truly serverless, highly-scalable and highly-available product.Prior experience includes:

  • Refactoring a monolithic application to microservices
  • Using Yii2 and Laravel to build backends (REST APIs)
  • Creating Angular and React frontend apps (Single Page Apps or SPAs)
  • Implementing Redux and State Management
  • Design, development and distribution of native Android apps to the Google Play store
  • Building React Native based cross-platform mobile apps

If you are interested in learning more about my projects, drop me a line or keep exploring.

Portfolio Highlights

5 Minute Chill (web app)

Listen to relaxing sounds for relaxation during stressful times or as a background while working.

Audiobooke (web app)

Open library for lovers of audiobooks. A huge variety of over 10,000 audiobooks, free for downloading.