Install the Most Popular Web Applications with 1 Click

InstantInstall allows you to install 9 of the most popular web applications by just uploading a simple PHP file to your server and pointing your browser to it.

You just need remote downloading enabled on your server (file_get_contents specifically) and the memory limit to a higher amount (to avoid script interruptions due to running out of memory).

Currently you can download and install the following PHP scripts using InstantInstall:

  1. WordPress – the most popular blogging platform
  2. bbPress – forum software, created by the WordPress crew
  3. Chyrp – lightweight blogging engine
  4. Drupal – CMS
  5. Joomla – portal engine
  6. phpBB – forum engine
  7. PrestaShop – eCommerce engine
  8. Symphony – web PHP framework
  9. Vanilla – forum software

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