Category: DevOps

How to display GitHub Actions status badge image in your repository’s

GitHub actions is one of the latest additions in the sphere of tools, available for CI/CD. It’s quite powerful and integrates directly with the GitHub repository where it’s ran. One of the benefits of having a CI system, is the ability to quickly understand if your latest build is passing or not. The so called […]

Terraform error “InvalidParameterException: The target group with targetGroupArn arn:aws:xxx does not have an associated load balancer”. How to solve it?

Recently, while trying to create a Terraform stack for the infrastructure of an experimental app, I encountered this cryptic error. Here’s how to solve it.

Fixing a failing Composer installation: Unable to write to: /home/$USER/.composer

Recently, I started a project which uses Composer as a dependency management system. In the spirit of reducing the dependencies on the host system, I wanted to bundle even Composer itself inside the project’s source code. This is possible by downloading and including a composer.phar at the root of the project. However, failing Composer installation […]

How to uninstall Swarmpit – the Docker Swarm orchestration tool

Recently, I’ve been looking for a good Docker container orchestration and host machine management tool and I’ve come across Swarmpit. It’s a wonderful tool and I recomment it to anyone who is looking for a web based interface to make it easier to launch, scale and destroy Docker Swarm stacks on host machines, without having […]

How to Insert a MD5 Password (or the Result of Any Other MySQL Function) Into a Field with “Navicat for MySQL”

MySQL supports MD5() and some other cool functions that do the math for you and save the result in the table field, but what happens when you already have a database and the table in place and you are using “Navicat”, plus you don’t want to fiddle with raw SQL?

Luckily, Navicat has the so called “Raw Mode” when viewing a table’s rows which allows us to insert data using MySQL expressions/functions.