Author: Dzhuneyt

Install the Most Popular Web Applications with 1 Click

InstantInstall allows you to install 9 of the most popular web applications by just uploading a simple PHP file to your server and pointing your browser to it. You just need remote downloading enabled on your server (file_get_contents specifically) and the memory limit to a higher amount (to avoid script interruptions due to running out […]

Credit Card Validation Function

Whethere you are building a shopping cart or just requesting your customer’s credit card number for some purpose, we are constantly faced with abusers that fill invalid or fake credit card numbers. This little function courtesy of will help you avoid that. function validCC($cc_num) { $pattern = “/^3[47]d{13}$/”;//American Express if (preg_match($pattern,$cc_num)) { return true; […]

Simple PHP Script to Send Email with Mail()

There are three requirements for sending email through a PHP script: A form, an email processing script, and PHP’s mail() function to be enabled (most hosts have this enabled, but some shared hosts don’t). Place this inside a file called mail.html Your Message [ad name=”In Post”] The email processing script should be inside a file […]