Author: Dzhuneyt

Creating a simple Angular 2 CRUD app, based on the MEAN stack

Angular2, Node.JS, Express and Mongo – one of the preferred stacks for fresh developers and experienced ones. Being a full-fledged solution that covers the frontend, server-side and database storage of things, the MEAN stack is an easy way to get going with any small to medium sized project. In this tutorial, you’ll see how to […]

How to Unset/Remove a Cookie Immediately with PHP (Even for the Current Request, Without Having to Refresh the Page)

  Setting cookies is generally done using setcookie(), that’s a known fact. However, unsetting them generally is a bit trickier, since the cookie remains available throughout the current request, if requested via the global variable: $_COOKIE[‘the_cookie_name’] The cookie is fully removed/expired on the next page refresh. The function below will avoid this behavior. It will […]