Author: Dzhuneyt

Automatically close Angular Material Sidenav when menu element is clicked

I’ve recently started digging deeper into Angular Material – the UI kit by Google to be used in Angular projects. The stack of components available is pretty rich and flexible and includes a variety of things that you can use to quickly scaffold an application, including a Toolbar, Menu, Sidenav, etc. One thing that I […]

Error while uploading APK to Firebase Test Lab: “The uploaded APK does not have a valid signature”. Reason and solution

Recently, while experimenting with Firebase’s new features in general, and more specifically – a tool called Test Lab, I encountered the following issue: whenever I tried to upload the APK file that I exported from Android Studio (the production-ready version of an Android app), the Test Lab was constantly throwing an ambiguous error: “The uploaded […]

Fixing a failing Composer installation: Unable to write to: /home/$USER/.composer

Recently, I started a project which uses Composer as a dependency management system. In the spirit of reducing the dependencies on the host system, I wanted to bundle even Composer itself inside the project’s source code. This is possible by downloading and including a composer.phar at the root of the project. However, failing Composer installation […]

How to uninstall Swarmpit – the Docker Swarm orchestration tool

Recently, I’ve been looking for a good Docker container orchestration and host machine management tool and I’ve come across Swarmpit. It’s a wonderful tool and I recomment it to anyone who is looking for a web based interface to make it easier to launch, scale and destroy Docker Swarm stacks on host machines, without having […]