Author: Dzhuneyt

How to display GitHub Actions status badge image in your repository’s

GitHub actions is one of the latest additions in the sphere of tools, available for CI/CD. It’s quite powerful and integrates directly with the GitHub repository where it’s ran. One of the benefits of having a CI system, is the ability to quickly understand if your latest build is passing or not. The so called […]

Terraform error “InvalidParameterException: The target group with targetGroupArn arn:aws:xxx does not have an associated load balancer”. How to solve it?

Recently, while trying to create a Terraform stack for the infrastructure of an experimental app, I encountered this cryptic error. Here’s how to solve it.

How to clone a CodeCommit repo inside a Cloud9 environment?

Cloud9 is Amazon’s cloud-based IDE that makes writing and building projects a breeze. There are no licensing fees involved (unlike PHPStorm or other similar IDEs) and the added benefit is that you get tight integration with AWS services like Lambda and CodeCommit. A common use case for using Cloud9 is working collaboratively on a project, […]